Knowledge Base – Important Tricks On ViewRanger App On iOS And Android Phones To Make It Better (With Screenshots).

So in recent years it’s pretty clear that viewranger hasn’t made any money out of providing me with this service I’m now thinking is quite useful and worth paying for. So looking at the sunk cost for me I don’t think I begrudge them making this change even though it’s to my detriment. There are no plans as yet to bin off the viewranger app are there? As for keeping them longer term, just download the maps and app to an old handset and leave it in aeroplane mode.

  • There’s a Basic subscription that gives you access to mobile app features like turn-by-turn navigation, live logging and offline mapping.
  • This app also provides you motivation and support to keep you going.
  • AllTrails certainly has a lot of trails where I live, but sifting through the noise takes time.
  • I’m happy to pay 39p a week for Ordnance survey subscription, seems very little for what it gives me.
  • Both give you a live position, just be careful of this as it can be slow to update and of course gps can be funny in complex terrain.

It also provides trail information and GPS capability. Trail Forks has over 280,000 trails available in ViewRanger its database. You download regions and then you can use the app online and offline.

A Brief And Simple Comparison Of Viewranger And Osmaps

I can’t plot five distinct grid references as individual, unlinked, locations to view on a map. I can’t upload five distinct grid references as individual, unlinked, locations to view on a map. I signed up for ViewRanger and after a month or so received an email about the Outdoor Active takeover, so I took up the offer and since that time have been using both VR and OA. As I signed up to VR with Apple ID it took about a week to transfer my subscription from VR to OA. However, having tested the OA app recently, I find it lacking. Not least in the area of reliability in the field.

ViewRanger’s GPS navigation works offline anywhere in the world, without phone or data coverage. Simply save maps and route guides to your device before you leave home. I use Alltrails to draw routes, it is very good, with a lot of different maps and overlayer to choose. Then I download the track in GPX and upload it to Easytrail to follow or upload on Wikiloc which is the best app while following the track. This future has saved me a couple of times when I was in unknown areas. We have mostly been using the Suunto Ambit 2 watch for navigation on our hikes, but we decided to try out the so-called hiking apps.

Viewranger Promo Codes & Discount Codes April 2021

Then the red marker will show you your current location. Routes usually have waypoints and it will let you know when you have arrived at one to ensure you are on track with an arrival alarm. Hitting the big green plus button lets you record a track, follow a downloaded route, plot a route, add a point of interest or use buddy beacon. Recording a track is great if you have a route in mind or you already know where you are going and just want it to track you. It gives you real time tracking as well as live data such as speed and direction.

If you plot or record a route you can print a kind of ‘route card’ for that, which includes a smallish map. It’s potentially a good way to share a route with friends, there’s space to write directions, waypoints and wotnot, but it’s not useful as a paper map in itself. Without the subscription the OS app/website just gives you access to a rather lacklustre ‘standard’ map, with a bit of added detail in the national parks. The Viewranger ‘standard’ free map is based on the Open Street Map, and is definitely a bit more useful than that one. PS to reiterate to the OP as someone else said, you can definitely get your location from ViewRanger and it’s the button at the bottom in the centre.