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You need to improve the prison based on the negative stats they bring. How to discover – keep playing the game, events, move to new prisoners – and, you will eventually discover all the special prisoners. new game called “Prison Empire Tycoon” is going viral. If you have completed all the upgrades in all available prisons, then you need to wait for the update.

  • Although, if you want to progress faster, you can spend money and hire the assistants to increase the profit and offline earnings duration.
  • You can play it with anything from 2GB of RAM, with any GPU apparently.
  • When a riot starts, quickly hire all the possible guards that you can get or your finances allow .
  • When I click on the option to buy it again it says I already have it.
  • Now dont let that deter you from playing ive spent some money on the game and am very pleased with it.

Another issue is that when you’re actually playing the game , the prisoners are happy and doing well. When I open up the game, all that is negated and they’re angry and will riot. It’s a good idle game on paper, but it’s plagued by the pay to win mindset. You get 1 hr of idle rewards and you can pay between 3.50 to 22 USD for a single manager that can increase your idle time or income. Even with that and fully upgraded prisons, I have yet to unlock the third location. It incorporates pay to win which, unless you spend a hefty amount, doesn’t even let you win.

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We’d recommend prioritising any of these missions that you can to boost your gems. Gems are the premium currency in Prison Empire Tycoon, and allow you to speed up the amount of time that it takes buildings to pop up, and to purchase special cards. At a glance, you can see what negative impact these guys will have on your prison. Frank Underock, for example, will have a negative impact on your prisoner’s hunger levels.

You can get more water supply from the water pump. Tap the (+) button next to water status – this will take you the water pump area where you can upgrade the pipe or unlock the water tank for more water. You need to reform prisoners to open a new prison center. Tap the location button in the top-right to check all the prisons. In the top-left side, tap the symbol and you can check the timeline or activities or schedule. They will leave when the exit schedule comes into the play.

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I am heart broken because this game has so much potential. Pretty fun game for the first 3 prisons, then the progress slows down Download Prison Empire Tycoon APK for Android to a crawl and is painful to the point it’s no longer fun. I would have considered buying the VIP package, but really £29?