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We See Things That Others Miss

Today’s winning organizations need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology. That is why our complements its traditional consulting excellence with solutions: technologies and specialized teams that deliver results.

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The new standard for plate valves
  • Optimized carbon fiber orientation for maximum stability
  • PowerPEEK™ offers six times the service life of other high-performance polymers
  • Combines the reliability of plate valves with the efficiency of ring valves

Operating as the Compressor OEM Division, we are the leader in the market of performance- defining reciprocating compressor components – for the oil and gas industry, for air and technical gases as well as for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Stepless control using state-of-the-art mechatronics
  • Large stepless control range
  • Reliable, standardized components
  • Easy retrofitting and integration for existing compressors
The efficient ring valve for heavy gases
  • High reliability
  • Special spring protection
  • High efficiency and long service life
For high efficiency at low to medium pressure levels
  • High efficiency
  • Long service life, simple maintenance and installation
  • Wide flow ducts to prevent clogging
For use in short-stroke compressors at high rotational speeds
  • High efficiency and long service life
  • Resistant to gas impurities and oil sticktion
  • High operating temperatures
Worldwide proven quality for multiple applications

Against leakage and premature wear

More performance and reliability for your compressors
  • XperLUBE automatically supplies your system with exactly the right amount of lubricant and prevents damage through both under- and over-lubrication.
  • Easy diagnostics to find malfunctioning injectors
  • Individual components are quick and easy to replace and thus reduce compressor downtimes.
  • All parts are standardized and can be replaced individually. This simplifies inventory management and lowers costs.