And this was back in 2011, 2012, somewhere in there

It may be helpful, for instance, to have your bedroom lights on a timer to turn on a half hour before you wake. This may help in waking at a regular time every morning, when it is still dark outside in the winter months.Light therapy has shown to be an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder. While you can purchase expensive, specialized light therapy lighting fixtures for your home or office, some inexpensive alternatives are also available.

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Formed in 2006, the company grew out of Grupo Alta, a table grape farm founded in 1989 by Bon’s grandfather, father, and uncle on a 25 acre vineyard in Sonora, Mexico. Grupo Alta became one of Mexico’s largest agricultural companies and a pioneer in socially and environmentally responsible agribusiness. It formed the Alta Foundation in 1995 to provide better working conditions for its employees..

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