All around they simply weren’t good enough

It’s hard to point to one thing that really sunk the Hurricanes this year. All around they simply weren’t good enough. They don’t appear to have a clear identity when you look at the roster, and the top players weren’t up to par. While many people have criticized the format, Pastrnak seemed unfazed by it.”It’s a great way to play for seeding again and get some games under the belt,” he said. “The NHL did the best they could. We’ll get out and play and hopefully those games will help us going forward.”Pastrnak was eager to get going.”Playoffs are the best part of hockey.

Just got the Sabres McDavid jersey because I figured the Sabres shot at him is pretty high this year, Kuznik said. Cheer for the Sabres but after every loss they go, least we can get McDavid. At a lectern Tuesday afternoon with a Sabres logo on it, McDavid said it was pretty weird to think about fans in Buffalo already getting his name stitched on jerseys.

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Columbia has unusual mental health legislation. The law allows for involuntary committals to get around the lack of services, said Krista James, national director of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law. Wife is right to question whether he should be moved.

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